When you just have nothing to wear… put on a mens t-shirt!

Ever wake up dreading getting dressed for the day? Spend tons of time rummaging through your closet looking for the perfect outfit? In the end, you find yourself laying on your bed in your underpants having a serious meltdown. Welp, that’s me.. like everyday. Sometimes the most basic least thought out outfits are the best. I was super lazy getting dressed this day and I didn’t want to put in much effort. However, I still wanted to look cute! I got a little basic, and totally aced it.  I ditched pants for the day, threw on a mens t-shirt, knee high boots, one of my favorite leather jackets, a choker, and boom! Done.  My favorite part about this fit is definitely the shirt that I got in the men’s section at UO. Don’t be afraid to shop in the men’s section! Find a cute outfit and maybe even a future bae 😉

Jacket: Zara

Shirt (that I wore as a dress): Urban Outfitters (mens section) P.s I distressed it a little more than it already was.

Boots: Ivanka Trump (I’m not a fan of her… BUT the girl knows how to make a good boot! I got these at Marshall’s so it’s liquidated! FORGIVE ME STILL!)

Choker: Forever 21

fullsideprofile2croppedPhoto credits: Paula Porto

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