Today the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS. I was super excited I didn’t have to wear a huge chunky coat or heavy boots. For today’s business meeting I did not want to be SUPER dressed up so I aimed for a classy, cute, but CASUAL outfit. I’m really into mixing and matching textures, colors, etc. My favorite part of the outfit is the contrast in the coat and the shirt. The tweed top has really intricate patch work with a frayed hem whereas the pastel coat is clean cut. They work extremely well together because they are different. The pattern, cuts, colors, and dimension compliment each other beautifully. In order to tie it all together I paired a black wax jean (because regular jeans are just boring 😜), patent leather flats, a funky necklace, and a black bucket bag. Notice, the shoes and necklace both have tassels which is similar to the bottom of the shirt. The gold accent on the necklace tie perfectly with the gold zipper on the coat. It is important when pairing items that are different from one another with pieces that can tie them together. Otherwise you look like you just threw random items on and left the house. But HEY if you’re into that then I’m right with you 😘


Shirt: Zara

Coat: HM

Pants: Primark

Bag: Wilson leather

Shoes: Steve Maddenimg_0041img_0045img_0047

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