What’s up my five-foot followers! My name is Zarya (Zar-ree-yuh) and I welcome you to my blog *applause* First of all, thanks for stopping by to check out what I will be passionately blabbing about. I seriously appreciate your love and support! This blogs focus will be on all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I’m talking all things hair, makeup, clothing, etc!!!!!!

But a little about myself first… For those of you who don’t know me I am a college student. My major is Women and Gender Studies. Before you ask “what the heck are you going to do with that?” Uh… give me a minute! I’m still trying to figure that out. However I LOVE what I am learning so I guess that’s all that matters! When I’m not in school, blogging, cuddling with my dog Luna, or taking a dump (we all poop get over it) I am showing homes because I am also a real estate agent. I truly enjoy stuffing my face with delicious food, shopping till my knees give out, and hangin with my friends and family. I am a social butterfly so you can catch me at a few social events throughout the month (or week). Although I love enjoying the city and what it has to offer I truly believe in down time. In order to relax I binge watch movies, play with my doggy daughter, or literally lay in bed all day *cues drake chilling with no makeup on* I absolutely love exploring and trying new things. One day I might be eating foods from different food trucks, ATV’ing, kayaking, marching in a protest, going for a simple walk, volunteering at church, or hopping on a plane to a different country. Whatever it is, I love it all and I try to do it while looking cute! Well… I’ll stop with the chit chatter and let you guys get to know me on your own!

Hope you enjoy!


The Five Foot Fashionista